When Is It Time To See A Pain Management Specialist?

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Got pain? If you wake up with it in the morning, suffer with it during the day, and then go to bed with no relief, you have just answered the question. When is it time to see a pain specialist? When you live with chronic pain and nothing you do relieves that pain, it’s time.

When OTC Pain Aids Do Not Help

If you take over-the-counter pain medicines almost daily, maybe you need to find other ways to control your pain. In addition, if you continue to take certain medications for lengthy periods, like NSAIDS, you can actually create other medical issues.neck and back pain

When Even Sleeping Is A Problem

You like to think sleep will give you a period of rest and ease your pain, but if pain wakes you up every time you move, this is something that needs diagnosis and treatment.

When Almost Everything You Do Causes Pain

If you are experiencing pain during the day from simple movements, it’s time to find out the cause. Bending down, reaching up, turning around, lifting your child, and walking to your car should all be simple painless movements. When they are not, and this chronic pain interferes with your everyday life, get help from Tennessee Valley Pain Consultants at our office in Huntsville, AL.

When You Have Specific Sensations

If you experience pain that begins to radiate down your arm or leg, you may also notice tingling and numbness. These types of symptoms need timely intervention. Don’t ignore this kind of pain, as it could become more serious.

When Life Ceases To Be Fun

When you reach a certain age, you expect maybe a little discomfort, but if pain interferes with things you love, pay attention. Playing with your grandchildren, having them sit on your lap, and activities like playing golf should be pleasant pain-free pastimes no matter your age. If you have given up walking your dog or doing the gardening you love, get some answers!!

Having chronic pain is no way to live!

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