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Regenerative Medicine: A New Approach to Pain Relief

Regenerative medicine, including PRP therapy, is an innovative treatment option focused on activating the body’s natural healing process. Just as a cut to the skin repairs itself and broken bones mend, we can now capture this naturally occurring ability to heal and apply it to a wide range of conditions including back, neck and joint pain.

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PRP for Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints among men and women and often progresses as we age. Pain in the lower back can be caused by multiple conditions but is often related to the deteriorating cushiony discs that separate each vertebrae.  Sciatica, one of the most common spinal conditions, is often caused by wear and tear of spinal discs and causes radiating pain from the low back down one or both legs.

Injections are a successful minimally invasive treatment to reduce inflammation around slipped or herniated discs in the lower back and reduce pain. Often spinal injections contain steroids or other anesthetic medication to relieve pain and swelling. More recently, researchers have begun exploring natural alternatives to these drugs, including platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. Because PRP is derived from your own blood and can assist in the repair of damage tissue.

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How does PRP work?

Platelet-rich plasma contains a high concentration of platelets, one of the essential “building blocks” of blood. Platelets contain chemicals called growth factors which assist in healing. They also contain special proteins that signal stem cells in the area surrounding a wound, prompting those cells to move into the treatment area. Together, growth factors and signaling proteins work to generate new, healthy tissue that’s used to repair damaged tissue.

These wound-healing processes occur naturally, but often do not always occur where needed or at the intensity necessary for optimal repair. By injecting PRP directly into the lower back, growth factors and proteins are concentrated to the precise location needed, to begin healing and repairing damaged areas. This ultimately assists in pain relief and restoring normal function in the spine.

What to expect during PRP treatment

PRP treatment starts with a small sample of your own blood usually taken from the arm. A machine separates the components of your blood so the platelets can be concentrated. That concentration is then reintroduced to the plasma (liquid) component of your blood, and the resulting mixture is placed into a syringe. The physicians then injects the PRP solution into the site under X-ray guidance for precision accuracy of delivery. The entire treatment takes approximately 45 minutes.

Because PRP works by stimulating natural healing responses, it can take a few weeks until you notice the results of your treatment. PRP injections are typically performed with other treatments like therapy or other spinal injections.

Is PRP right for you?

PRP can be effective in treating some types of low back pain, including back pain caused by degenerative disc disease, one of the most common causes of low back pain. Still, PRP injections aren’t ideal for all types of low back pain. The physicians at Tennessee Valley Pain Consultants will perform a thorough evaluation for the most appropriate treatment to provide relief. To learn more about PRP and other treatments that could help relieve your low back pain, book an appointment online today.

What can be treated?

Back Pain – Degenerative Spine Conditions, Lumbar and Cervical Facet Joint Arthritis, Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction Pain

Shoulder Pain – Rotator Cuff Tendinitis, Osteoarthritis

Knee Pain – Osteoarthritis, Tendon Injuries, Partial ligament Sprains or Tears

Elbow Pain – Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow), Medial Epicondylitis (Golfers Elbow)

Will Insurance Cover?

PRP treatment is an innovative treatment and currently under insurance review. Please talk with your provider about cost per therapy.

What are the potential benefits of PRP?

PRP stimulates healing of the injured tissue by activating your body’s natural healing potential. On average, patients report more than 50% improvement at 6 weeks and up to 100% improvement at 12 weeks after treatment. PRP treatment may eliminate the need for other treatments such as long-term medication or surgery.

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