NBC features Dr. Morris Scherlis on Shingles pain relief treatments

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Watch NBC WAFF 48’s interview with Dr. Morris Scherlis on treatments to alleviate Shingles pain.

If you’ve had chickenpox, the Shingles virus is already inside you. It remains in your nervous system and can reemerge causing Shingles – a painful blistering rash lasting up to 30 days. rash. In fact, one in three people people will develop Shingles in their lifetime. For some, the nerve pain will persist as a condition known as post herpetic neuralgia lasting for months or even years. 

There is relief. 

At Tennessee Valley Pain Consultants, our double board-certified physicians offer therapeutic nerve blocks to alleviate acute shingles pain for both acute and long-term nerve pain.

We understand shingles pain can be debilitating which is why we schedule shingles nerve injections within 1-2 business days. 

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